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All of the writings above, are based off of LJS. No harm is intended, and no one is making money off of it. It is all fiction. Not to be taken seriously. The works of fiction are taken from the author's mind. With the exception of the Night World. It belongs to LJS. All characters they created belong to them. Do not use them without permission of the author. Thank You. ~Chris (09/22/99)

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This page was created 07/25/99 by Chris. Alot of things on this page belong to her. It should be posted somewhere on all the millions of pages linked to the main one what belongs to who. If it isn't and you really want to know, e-mail Chris. Most if not all, of these stories are written before that date, I don't have the exact date, but i can give you a pretty good idea. Please don't take any characters, pictures or whatever without asking the person it belongs to. It is not right to do that. And it is also copyrighted to them, so they can sue you. That's not a happy thought.

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