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Aba's House [listed in: fan fiction]

Accumulative LJ RPG [listed in: club--mailinglist, rpg]

A Flame in Eternity [listed in: fan fiction]

After Millennium [listed in: rpg]

A Tribute to the Vampire Diaries [listed in: general]


Butterfly Redfern's Meet 'The Night Dweller' [listed in: fan fiction]


Cavern of the Stars [listed in: general, fan fiction]

Circle Brilliance [listed in: clubs]

Circle Crystal Moon [listed in: clubs]

Circle Dawn [listed in: clubs]

Circle Midnight [listed in: clubs]

Circle Moon [listed in: clubs]

Circle Morning Star [listed in: clubs]

Circle Square [listed in: clubs]

Circle Stardust [listed in: clubs]

Circle Sunlight [listed in: clubs]

Circle Thither [listed in: clubs, fan fiction]

Circle Twilight [listed in: clubs] [2 urls]

Circle Twilight [listed in: clubs] [2 urls]

Circle Unity [listed in: clubs]

Clan Silver Mist [listed in: clubs, fan fiction]

Clan Tempest [listed in:]

Club Twilight [see also Night World~RPG] [listed in: rpg]


Damon la Bunny's [listed in: misc]

Dark Kingdom [Not Working--no links] [listed in: clubs]

Darkpower Witch's Night World Page [listed in: fan fiction]

Daughters of Darkness [listed in: general]

Deadly Passions [listed in: misc]


Enclave Nadir [listed in: clubs]

Enter The Night World [listed in: general]

Egyptian Moon [listed in: fan fiction]


Fallen Angel's Paper House [listed in: general]

Forest Park Cemetary [listed in: misc]

Forgotten Night World Realms [listed in: fan fiction, general, graphic shop]

Frost's LJSmith Club [listed in: e-mail list]


GoldFlames Night Realm [listed in:]

H [listed in: fan fiction]



Joyland Park [listed in: fan fiction]


Kaitlyn's Art Kit [Part of The Institute] [listed in: graphic shop]

Kiss of Darkness [listed in: clubs]


L. J. Smith Classifieds [listed in: misc]

L. J. Smith Fan Fiction [listed in: fan fiction]

LJS Fan Fiction and Crossovers [listed in: fan fiction]

LJS Forever [Eyes in the Dark] [listed in: clubs, general, graphic shop]

LJS Graphics Shop [listed in: graphic shop]

LJS Inspired Fanfiction [listed in: fan fiction]

LJS Pages [listed in: misc] [listed in: clubs]

LJ Smith World [listed in: general]

L.J. [listed in: general]

LJS Writing Clique [listed in: fan fiction]


Maya's LJS Graphic Shop [see FNWR Graphic Shop] [listed in: graphic shop]

Midnight and Darkness [listed in: general]

Morgana's Lair [listed in: general]

Mrs. Flowers' Boarding House [listed in: fan fiction, general]


Night Games [listed in: general]

Night World Angels [listed in: misc]

Nightworld: Circle Daybreak [Night World] [listed in: clubs, fan fiction, rpgs]

Night World Clubs [listed in: misc]

Night World Keeper Page [see also Serpants Lair] [listed in: fan fiction, misc]

Night World ~ RPG [see also Club Twilight] [listed in: general, rpg]

Night World Trivia [listed in: e-mail groups]

Nery's Lair [listed in: general]


Oingo: "L. J. Smith" [listed in: misc]

Oingo: L. J. Smith Fan Fiction" [listed in: misc]

Ona-Nyx [listed in: general]




Roadway to Darkness [listed in: general]


Saviours Of Darkness [listed in: clubs]

Secret Circle Coven [listed in: e-mail lists]

Serpants Lair [see also Night World Keeper Page] [listed in: fan fiction, misc]

Shadow World [listed in: clubs]

SpunkySprite [listed in: misc]

Stories Will Be Told [listed in: fan fiction]


Takes (Tom) [listed in: misc]

Tales From The Scarecrow [listed in: fan fiction]

Tales of the Night [listed in: fan fiction]

The Almighty Goddess L. J. Smith [listed in: misc]

The Awakening [listed in: fan fiction]

The Best of the Bad Guys [listed in: general]

The Black Iris [listed in: misc]

The Black Iris RPG [listed in: rpg]

The Black Jasmin [listed in: club]

The Coven [listed in:]

The Dark Vision [listed in: fan fiction, general]

The Edge of Night [listed in: fan fiction] [2 urls]

The Edge of Night [listed in: fan fiction] [2 urls]

The Forbidden Realm [listed in: general, graphic shop]

The Heart of Darkness [listed in: clubs]

The Institute [listed in: clubs, fan fiction, general, rpgs]

The L. J. Smith Diaries [coming soon]

The Lunar Pad [listed in:]

The Midnight Muse [listed in: dead link]

The Secret Circle [Does anyone know what this is? It never loads for me...]

The Scribes Gathering [listed in: fan fiction]

The Silver Cord [listed in: clubs, general]

The Spark [listed in: fan fiction]

The Sweetest Nightmare Contents [listed in: fan fiction]

The Vampire Diaries (Unofficial) Homepage [listed in: general]

Through the Looking Glass [listed in: fan fiction]

Tiaret's The Night has a Thousand eyes [listed in:]

Twilight Tales [listed in: fan fiction]

The Other Side of Dark [listed in: clubs]



vampirediaries mail [] [listed in: misc]

Vedesca's Domain [listed in: general]


Welcome to the Black Iris [listed in: general]

Works of the Sun--Circle Sunlight's archive [listed in: fan fiction]